01Mar 2017

SCS-implantA spinal cord stimulator, also known as SCS, is a surgical implantable device that sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord nerves for the management and relief of chronic pain.

SCS is an alternative therapy typically recommended for patients who have been unresponsive or failed conventional therapies. Such therapies include but are not limited to, oral medication and steroid injections. SCS can also benefit patients who have underwent and failed more aggressive procedures such as back surgery, patients who suffer from residual pain after surgery, patients who suffer from chronic peripheral neuropathy or plexopathy, and patients who have been diagnosed with illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few.

SCS is an innovative technology that targets some of the most difficult pain problems a person can be challenged with. This technology has given patients a second chance to experience a normal pain free life, resuming everyday activities, without many restrictions or pain related worry. It has allowed patients to regain control of their lives.

“For the appropriate patient, the application of spinal cord stimulation can dramatically decrease pain and restore quality of life” says Dr. Kiran V. Patel, Pain Management Specialist at The Spine & Pain Institute of New York.

If you are interested in learning more about SCS for your chronic pain, please feel free to email or call one of our offices for a consultation. Our award winning physicians at The Spine and Pain Institute of New York would be more than happy to discuss your condition and treatment options for an individualized treatment plan.

(Anthony H Wheeler, MD;  Kim J Burchiel, MD  2015)