Research Opportunities

The Spine and Pain Institute of New York is dedicated to research and the advancement of the field of pain medicine and anesthesiology. Various positions are available with the practice in the field of research. Duties would include a variety of complex and independent investigations in the planning, development, and implementation of original experimental procedures within the overall scope of the research project. Collect, analyze and report on experimental data; create and maintain accurate and timely records of test results and protocol design; assist in the publication of research findings; perform computer data analysis; participate in meetings with Principle Investigator to evaluate and interpret the validity of data and evaluate laboratory procedures; and write protocols of committee approval. Design experimental research protocols; statistical analysis of data; and preparing progress reports and presentations as needed.

Our paid positions are open to college students and college graduates who are willing to commit from 6 months to a year. Unpaid positions are available for 3-6 month periods. You will be working directly under our research coordinator.

If you are interested in or have questions about our research opportunities please feel free to reach out to the program director, Dr. Chapman at

“Thank you Dr.’s Chapman, Patel, and Dr. Jahanbakhsh for giving me the opportunity to work with you for the past year. Being able to work in a clinical setting prior to my residency provided me with valuable experience and put me ahead when starting my training.”

Dr. J.G.
Foreign medical grad awaiting placement, current PGY-2