Pelvic Neuro-Modulation

Chronic Pelvic pain and, in particular, pudendal neuralgia can be devastating to the lives of the people it affects. The pudendal nerve is comprised of several nerve types. Sensory nerves are nerves that receive sensory stimuli, such as how something feels and if it is painful, smooth, rough, etc. The pudendal nerve is the nerve that carries signals to and from the genitals, anal area and the urethra. Patients experiencing chronic pain in this particular area may obtain pain relief from various forms of treatment such as nerve medications, pelvic physical therapy or intermittent pudendal nerve blocks.

Just as with the treatment of any complex nerve-related pain condition, pain can persist even after extensive testing and treatment. For various types of chronic pain related conditions, spinal cord stimulation has been a treatment option for pain relief. In the past it was difficult to obtain pain relief in the pelvic region with the traditional spinal cord stimulation methods. Often, even if stimulation was achieved and pain was relieved, additional, unwanted stimulation was unavoidable such as new onset tingling in various areas of the body.


However, with a new stimulation technique pioneered by The Spine and Pain Institute’s doctors, pain specialists are now able to achieve stimulation more readily with minimal, if any, of the unwanted stimulation sensations previously mentioned. Additionally, this new technique allows for a better experience with the stimulator trial with less unwanted additional stimulation and a better chance of a successful trial with significant relief of pain. (see case series in link below)

Potential candidates for spinal cord stimulation have already had an extensive pelvic pain workup for pelvic pain and possible treatable causes of pain. If you should need a referral to a Gynecologist who specializes in pelvic pain / pudendal neuralgia we would be more than happy to refer you to a world class specialist in the field for an evaluation prior to consideration of a stimulator trial treatment. Often, patients will undergo a series of nerve stimulator guided pudendal nerve blocks if they have not done so already prior to consideration for stimulation.

Pelvic stimulation is not a treatment option for every patient. Treatment with spinal cord stimulation offers the benefit of a trial, a minimally invasive, same day office procedure, in which electronic leads, similar to slim catheters, are temporarily placed through the skin similar to an epidural injection under light sedation. These leads are passed into the pain-corresponding region of the epidural space of the spine. The leads are secured by tape on the skin and left in place for 5 days while you resume your normal daily activities. During your follow up visit in our office, these leads are then simply pulled out without the need for any procedure or surgery. If your spinal cord stimulation trial period successfully managed your pain, you and your pain management physician can make a decision if actual permanent implantation of the device is right for you.


If you are interested in learning more about Neuro-Stimulation for pelvic pain or pudendal neuralgia please feel free to read our testimonials or call our office for a consultation. Our physicians at The Spine and Pain Institute of New York would be more than happy to discuss your condition and treatment options for an individualized treatment plan.