iovera° Cold Treatment


Harness The Power of Cold For Pain Relief

The iovera° treatment is the new way to immediately relieve your pain without the use of habit-forming drugs or systemic side effects. The iovera° treatment harnesses the power of cold to naturally reduce pain for up to 3 months.



How does the iovera° treatment work?

The iovera° treatment works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve which immediately prevents the nerve from sending pain signals. The effect of the cold on the nerve is temporary and does not cause permanent damage because it leaves the structural components of the nerve intact. The nerve is restored to function after several months. 

What kind of results can I expect?

The iovera° treatment is very precise and when targeted cold is applied to a specific nerve, it will immediately interrupt that nerve’s ability to signal. Duration and degree of pain relief is dependent on each patient’s unique condition. We will discuss your specific case with you.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are similar to those of other minimally invasive, needle-based treatments and typically resolve within a few days. Common side effects include local pain, crusting, pigmentation changes, bruising and tingling. In rare cases, numbness or tingling of nearby sensory nerves may be affected for longer periods of time.

How long does it last?

The duration of the pain relief depends on the location of the nerve being treated; however, results from treatment typically last up to three months.


To Learn More

If you are interested in an evaluation into the cause of your pain, or if iovera° is the right treatment option for you to manage your pain, please contact our pain management experts at The Spine and Pain Institute of New York. We would be happy to make an appointment for a consultation and provide additional information about other treatment options.