Physician Observer Program


In conjunction with the World Institute of Pain (WIP), The Spine & Pain Institute of New York offers a 1-2 week observer program. The program can be tailored to consist of essentially any clinical aspect of our practice. Most popular is observing procedures, but can consist of seeing new patients with the physician, or spending time with our research team. The practice is a heavily interventional practice and procedures are performed six days a week and can range from 20-50 procedures per day every day. There will be exposure to the widest variety of procedures available including standard injection and nerve ablations (thermal and cryo) to kyphoplasty, PRP injections, endoscopic procedures, SCS trials and implants, and pump trial and implants.

If you are interested in participating in the observer program through the WIP, please send an email to A donation to the WIP educational program is part of the requirement to participate and this is paid directly to the WIPP. This money is used to fund a global pain initiative and support physicians from countries that cannot afford to take the WIP certification examination.


We can provide help with providing subsidized local housing at a cost of $500 per week. To qualify for this housing, you need to submit an application that will be available if you apply. You are more than free to get housing on your own as well.

**The position will involve observation only and there will be no direct contact with patients in the office or in the operating/procedure rooms.