Student/Post Graduate Programs


The Spine & Pain Institute of New York has opportunities for either college students or postgraduates to gain hands-on working experience in a busy medical practice. This is a paid position and represents an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to outpatient medicine, both in the office setting and in the procedural suite. The position entails obtaining medical histories, working with the electronic medical records, observing in the procedural suite, assisting in the recovery room, collecting of bodily fluids, assisting in research projects, and much more.

All eight previous students and postgraduates have gone on to either medical school or residency programs. Individuals from other fields that have worked in this capacity have gone on to pharmacy school, nursing school, and physician assistant school.

To learn more or apply for the position, contact our Practice Manager, Marilyn Brighina, at

“Dear Dr. Chapman, thank you so much for the opportunity of being part of your phenomenal practice. I could not have found a more enriching experience to help me build my confidence as I apply to medical school, and I appreciate your (as well as the rest of Spine & Pain’s) support throughout this process. You have a fantastic team and it was sincerely a pleasure to meet and build friendships with such an energetic and friendly bunch. I’m extremely proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a remarkable mentor and physician as yourself, and will be taking all of the knowledge that your practice has shared with me on my first medical mission in Panama this spring! If I am unable to return for the summer, I promise to keep you updated on the process of my medical school applications/where I eventually decide to attend.”

Amy N.

“Dr. Chapman, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to spend the last year with you and the team at The Spine & Pain Institute of New York. After college, while waiting for medical school to start, I was able to get an in-depth, hands-on clinical experience in your out-patient medical practice. I was able to learn how to talk to patients, collect medical histories, work in the operating room, and a most importantly a glimpse into the real life practice of pain management and anesthesiology. There is no doubt my experiences this past year will carry with me through my career in medicine and that what I have learned will only benefit me in my future endeavors.”


“Dr.’s Chapman, Patel, Alexis, Jahanbakhsh, and Marshall, I wanted to expresses my sincerest gratitude for allowing me to work with your team after college. Thank you for believing in me and helping me through the medical school application process and the advice you have given me, as it has been invaluable. I have gained confidence in the field of medicine; through talking to patients, understanding terminology, medical conditions and some medications, and navigating the operating room. This year will undoubtedly give put me at an advantage in my future at medical school.”

Ben W.